Light of the World Academy

Light of the World Academy began as an early childhood program in 2006. After seeing the academic value in the education their children were receiving, parents asked the school to expand its offerings. The current program, early childhood through eighth grade, was established in the 20XX, and our original school facility was expanded to accommodate a growing student body.



Light of the World Academy continues to operate as a ministry of Ephesus Baptist Church and benefits from its governance and financial support.


While we have been thoughtful and diligent in our efforts to plant seeds of meaningful improvement in our school, we humbly recognize that God has produced the increase including some fruit that we could not have anticipated. We are thankful to the Lord for establishing His vision for our school, growing our enrollment over the last decade, as well as our racial diversity  student body.  We believe the Lord has raised up this place to educate a uniquely diverse group of students equitably, with purposeful excellence, to prepare them to engage a changing world for Jesus Christ.


We are excited to see God’s story for our school continue to unfold in years to come. We aim at Central Christian School to lay the firm foundation of our city and nation’s future thought-leaders and change-agents. Our journey is fresh, but we are motivated and inspired to see the Lord’s redemption lived out in our society—striving toward unity through our vision of being “a Gospel-driven, academically excellent community for each unique image-bearer.”



Mission Statement

Light of the World Academy exists to partner with parents to educate children in the love of God's word through an affordable Christian curriculum and environment.


We strive to provide a balance approach to each child's physical, emotional, spiritual, amd social development. We put our trust in God's guidance and base our decisions on Christian principles and ultimately on the authority of the Bible.