Light of the World Academy: K-12

Light of the World Academy is a family-oriented environment in which students learn from their instructors and their peers. Our desire is to teach by example as we seek to model Godly speech and actions.  Each child is valued and accepted for the person God created them to be and we strive to help our students reach their utmost potentional.  We seek to offer our students a challenging curriculum in an atmosphere of love and security.  Our strongest desire is to build upon our students' strengths to help them experience academic success, and, more importantly, to develop an understanding of their value, worth, and significance to our loving God.  


                                        Michelle Robinson, Director

Light of the World Academy consists of grades Kindergarten through Grade 12.  We follow the Sonlight Curriculum which is infused with Christian teachings while helping children to develop an understanding of other belief systems. Our history curriculum is rich in literature allowing children to develop a context and connection for each period taught.  Sonlight’s Science curriculum is extremely hands-on and experiment-based.  In Language Arts we focus on helping children to understand the basics of English and Grammar, to critically apply these skills in writing assignments and research papers, and to become fluent, critical readers.  Singapore Math is the tool through which our school enables students to visualize math, to solve equations mentally, and to make the connections between each math skill taught.  Art, Music and Physical Education are also an integral part of our curricular offerings.


Our middle and high school students have to the opportunity to learn foreign languages, to compete in team sports, participate in Student Government, and enjoy elective classes including Yearbook, Personal Finance, Advanced Art,  and Home Economics.  


On-site Driver's Education classes  and dual-enrollment classes at Rappahannock Community

College (with transportation provided) are available to our high school students.  Our goal is to offer as many enriching experiences as we possibly can while maintaining a small, close-knit atmosphere.


As a school,  we very much welcome parent participation and desire to partner with our parents in helping our students make wonderful memories and to become God-centered, productive individuals.